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It's Love With Tiff

I met Tiffany while working in corporate America, we were just two mothers from different walks of life that had a passion for cooking! Tiff's food gives you good memories, it's the food you can enjoy on a romantic date (Stuffed Salmon), celebrating a birthday (Cajun Pasta), a baptism (Catfish & Grits), bringing in new life (Pineapple Bowls), or kicking back on a Sunday watching football (Sweet Heat Wings)! Her presentation alone is a conversation starter, I know, I know your eyes are big because you're like what is that on that plate, let me tell you what it is. It's Tiff's love on a plate, it's her passion, it's her purpose, it's her living her dream and walking by faith during this Covid-19 pandemic that has affected us all. Tiffany's presence, passion, poise, and perseverance are undeniable and if you have not already, go and scroll through her IG @

Remember, it's always love... with Tiff

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