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Virtual Classes Starting in 2022

For only $50!


Class by Ericka Miles,
Owner of Pecan Heaven.

 In July of 2020, I was broken just like the bundt cake (pictured to the left). July 26, I was having a tough time so I decided to bake a cake, and it broke, and I cried! After sitting and crying, I got myself together and told myself you have been having this cake idea forever now is the time to try it, so I got online and researched buttercream, made some caramel, and cut up a snickers and posted my broken cake online! Never in life did I think, a broken me, could bake a broken cake, that would later birth a new business venture, BUNDT CAKES with a twist! Join me in 2022 and allow me to teach you how I turned my pain into a paycheck!

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